July 2022

CANNASTORE – the cannabis dispensing system in cooperation with WEECO

World premiere at ICBC 2022 in Berlin

At this year’s ICBC, visitors to the WEECO stand can look forward to a world premiere. Together with Dispensary Concept GmbH, WEECO is presenting the first automated dispensing system specifically designed for cannabis products. The hardware system in its standard design is already known to many end customers, as it is used in several thousand German pharmacies, where it ensures the rapid dispensing of medicines. With automated medicine dispensers, waiting times for customers are reduced as the system automatically searches for the prescribed medicine while the pharmacist team can concentrate on customer advice.

Specially developed for cannabis dispensers

As cannabis products can differ greatly from standard pharmaceutical packaging depending on the application, the concept of the CANNASTORE was preceded by a two-year development and testing phase. Experts from WEECO, together with experts from a market leading company, designed a completely new version of the commercially available dispensing system for pharmacies. The result, the CANNASTORE shown at the ICBC, combines all the advantages of fully automatic input and output of a commercial pharmacy dispenser with robot technology. Special requirements such as special packaging or quantity units produced only for cannabis products were taken into account, as were special storage requirements.

Only six to twelve seconds from request to output - up to 40,000 units

Depending on the model, the CANNASTORE removes its goods fully automatically from the shelving system within six to twelve seconds and transports them to the goods issue area. Thus, at full capacity, up to 500 products per hour can be automatically ordered and provided. The quantity of dispensers or packaging units can be freely scaled according to requirements; the CANNASTORE can hold a maximum quantity of goods of up to 40,000 units.

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