*your business with the newest custom-bred and IP-free genetics.
Second to none, created with love in California.

WEECO Genetics 11/22

Bringing California cannabis clones to the doorstep of your EU-GMP facility. Developed by master growers, these genetics are designed to equip you for the legal cannabis market.

32% THC / 2% CBD
Hybrid - Indica dominat
31% THC / 1% CBD
Cali Classic
30% THC / 1% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Cali Sunset
28% THC / 0% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Dragon fruit
31% THC / 1% CBD
Electric 4x4
29% THC / 2% CBD
Frosted Banana Berry
25% THC / 3% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Frosted Cali Funk
31% THC / 2% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Frosted Lemon Angel
28% THC / 1% CBD
Hybrid – Sativa dominat
Funk Berry
27% THC / 1% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Screaming Pineapple
23% THC / 3% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Smoke Bomb
29% THC / 0% CBD
Hybrid - Indica dominat
Sticky Maple
28% THC / 0% CBD
Hybrid - Indica dominat
Purple Rain
26% THC / 1% CBD
Hybrid - Sativa dominat
Tropical Reign
21% THC / 5% CBD

Crafting Cannabis

Discover our flagship pheno-programs and top-shelf cannabis genetics.

As one of the leading cannabis genetic exporters in Europe we break away from old patterns and work with experts of every tear of the supply-chain. Expert breeders are tailoring each single genetic to match your individual cultivation system.

Elevating the quality within the medical cannabis industry... one gram at a time.

Honored to be participating in elevating the quality within the medical cannabis industry. After three decades spent developing the cannabis code, we are optimizing IP-free genetics for scaled production.

Gary F Graham, Jr., WEECO Genetics Master Grower & Co-Founder

Level up your cannabis strains

Our nursery and breeding programs have become a sought-after source for top-shelf medical cannabis genetics.

Authentic California genetics

IP-free cannabis genetics, optimized for your growing processes.

International clones for licensed medical cannabis cultivators

Stable genetics selected from market leading California cannabis strains.

Intellectual Property created in Denmark

Our cultivars are IP-free and available for exclusivity.

Exclusive high API-strains

In an early and API-driven market we provide the right genetics to meet market demands.

Individually designed strains for wholesale brands

Special breeding programs to provide your business with your very own, custom-named cannabis genetics.

Tailor made strain re-breeding and development

With more than a decade of experience under our belt we uplift your cannabis genetic to higher API-values.


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