Meet FLOiD – the most sophisticated dispensary technology ever made

Say hello to FLOiD – the first automated dispensing system purposely designed for the cannabis industry. Equipped with highly sophisticated robot technology, FLOiD manages your complete inventory while securely storing and dispensing all available stock automatically.

To ensure maximum reliability, FLOiD’s basic design is built on time-tested technology that’s already in use in thousands of German pharmacies – reengineered and optimized to meet the special requirements of cannabis dispensaries.

Simply the best pick: FLOiD is purpose-built for cannabis dispensaries

FLOiD gives you full control of your inventory, improving the overall efficiency of your dispensary significantly: with FLOiD’s reliable high-speed dispensing process, you’ll need approx. 30% less time to pick orders – tending to your customers was never easier.

Depending on your configuration, it takes FLOiD only six to twelve seconds to automatically fetch goods from the shelving system and to transport them to the dispensary area. At full capacity, FLOiD takes care of ordering and providing up to 500 products per hour. The inventory size is freely scalable according to your requirements, allowing for a maximum quantity of up to 40,000 packaging units.

FLOiD simply blends in – and fits your premises tailor-made

Thanks to its compact and adaptable design, FLOiD perfectly fits almost any spatial conditions, while saving approx. 15-20% of your total operational area. It can be operated invisibly in the background or even serve as an autonomous dispensary for 24/7 self-service access. And with its useful extensions, it gives you even more options to maximize efficiency – just add the automated feeder module or our patented shelf cleaning system.

But whatever configuration you choose, FLOiD not only brings your dispensary up to speed – it’ll also fit seamlessly into the branding style of your business, offering countless options for color and design to become an integral part of your dispensary’s success story.

Check the specs: FLOiD’s technical data at a glance

Capacity Up to 40,000 packages
Possible locations First floor
Second floor
Dispensing time Ø 6 – 12 sec/package
Compatible packages Cubic
Input via trays
Average footprint Width: 5,74 feet
Length: 14,40 feet – 40,65 feet
Height: 6,56 feet – 11,80 feet
Energy consumption Approx. 340 – 460 watts in operation
Less than 70 watts in stand-by

WEECO Pharma is the exclusive distributor for Cheech & Chong in Germany

WEECO Pharma GmbH is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a partnership with Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding to introduce the well-known cannabis brand “Cheech & Chong” to the European medical cannabis market.

WEECO is a leading supplier of high-quality medical cannabis products in Europe and, as of now, the exclusive distributor in Germany for Cheech & Chong, one of the leading cannabis lifestyle brands from the USA.

With Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. a true cannabis legend and industry icon enters the arena of the pharmaceutical cannabis market. ‘’We are proud to welcome Cheech & Chong to the German medical cannabis market,” says Börge Diessel, CEO of WEECO Pharma GmbH. “By combining our mutually proven competencies, we will continue to drive growth and innovation in the evolving German cannabis industry. Together, we are committed to further increasing access to the highest quality cannabis as a medicine for all patients in Germany.”

“We are excited to partner with WEECO to bring our high-quality cannabis products to the German market,” said Cheech Marin, co-founder of Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. “Germany is a fast-growing market for medical cannabis and we are very excited to offer our safe and innovative products to German patients.”

The partnership between WEECO and Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. represents a powerful combination of two industry leaders united by their commitment to quality and innovation. With more than 50 years of combined experience, they have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

“We chose WEECO as our exclusive partner in Germany because of their excellent reputation in the industry,” said Jonathan Black, CEO of Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. “Their commitment to quality aligns perfectly with ours, making them an ideal partner for this venture.” The partnership will allow patients across the country to experience the unique company culture and high-quality products that have made Cheech & Chong a well-known brand.

About WEECO Pharma GmbH

WEECO brings together some of the best EU GMP manufacturers and brands from around the world on a single distribution platform. The company holds all the necessary approvals and
licences to distribute medical cannabis products in Germany and worldwide. The sustained commitment to quality makes WEECO a well known player in the German medical cannabis landscape and a trusted partner for both the domestic market and international buyers.

In a WEECO facility in Denmark licensed for scientific purposes and as a supplier of starting material, new varieties with genetic origins from L.A. California are bred and cannabis clones are produced that are in high demand by GMP manufacturers worldwide.

WEECO also plays an active role in Swiss cannabis pilot projects. This demonstrates a focus on being at the forefront of European cannabis legalisation and bringing unique experience to the emerging German legalisation / pilot project scenario.

About Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Co.

Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. is a leading cannabis lifestyle brand that has been around for over 40 years and continues to evolve. Their goal is to provide their customers with high quality, safe and reliable cannabis products while harnessing the benefits and positive effects of the plant.

At Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. they believe that cannabis is more than just a plant; it is a lifestyle that brings people together and promotes wellness. Their company’s history is rooted in humour and activism, and they still uphold these values today. Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. is not just a brand, but a cultural phenomenon that has stood the test of time. Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co. is committed to providing the highest quality cannabis products, promoting sustainability and responsible production practices, and preserving their legacy as a leading brand in the industry.

Media Contact
WEECO Pharma GmbH
Jessica Koy

Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Co.
Brooke Mangum

Flowers with particularly high THC content for a fast and effective effect.

Aurora Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading importers, manufacturers and wholesalers of medical cannabis and is German market leader in the flower segment. Aurora has expanded its existing product portfolio for medical use with cannabis flowers with high THC of 25%.

Aurora has entered into a long-term supply agreement with WEECO Pharma GmbH. Since October, the medicinal cannabis flowers WEECO 25/1 of the cultivar “Frosted Lemon Angel” has been available via Aurora in pharmacies throughout Germany. ‘’Through the cooperation with WEECO, we were not only able to expand our portfolio with a medically relevant flower variety in the short term but have also found a partner who shares our highest quality standards for a cannabis flower. ‘’ Marcus Reussmann, Sales Manager at Aurora Deutschland GmbH, explains.

The California genetics “Frosted Lemon Angel” was developed at the WEECO Aps Research & Development Centre. Developed to production maturity in Aalborg, Denmark under the leadership of master grower Gary F Graham, Jr.

The new WEECO 25/1 is particularly suitable for patients with high THC requirements. 25% tetrahydrocannabinol content enters the bloodstream with each inhalation of the flowers a high amount of active ingredient, whereby the effect occurs faster and more effectively. Positive effects of medicinal cannabis can therefore be achieved particularly effectively in severe pain and pain peaks. Medical cannabis is often also prescribed to chronically ill patients who no longer tolerate common painkillers or whose pain medication is no longer sufficient.

Exclusive information and ordering service for pharmacies

If you have any questions about the products, the Aurora customer service is personally available on the HOTLINE +49 (0)30 9832 1601-0 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 17:00. In addition, pharmacists and medical professionals will find comprehensive information on the topic of medicinal cannabis and the entire product portfolio on the exclusive website for pharmacies. In the product area, pharmacies can conveniently place their order, check the availability of the individual varieties, and download certificates and product profiles.


About Aurora UK Ltd
Aurora Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, is one of the largest approved pharmaceutical wholesalers for medical cannabis and an approved narcotics distributor. The company is a GMP-certified import company for pharmaceuticals. In addition to the import and wholesale permit, Aurora Germany also has a manufacturing permit. The company is part of Aurora Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the listed Canadian cannabis manufacturer Aurora Cannabis Inc. with headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Aurora is one of three companies licensed to grow medicinal cannabis in Germany. Since 2020, the company has been a supporting member of the Association of Cannabis Supplying Pharmacies (VCA). In June 2021, Aurora joined the German Association of Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Companies (BPC). Aurora is also a sponsor of the DGS pain initiative Cannabinoids 2022/2023. Further information can be found at and at


About WEECO Pharma GmbH
WEECO Pharma GmbH, based in Hildesheim, was founded in 2019 and is an independent pharmaceutical wholesale company. In addition to the GDP certification (Good Distribution Practice), WEECO Pharma has all the necessary approvals and licenses to distribute medical cannabis products in Germany and worldwide. Through close cooperation with international manufacturers and WEECO Aps, the customer can be offered an individual product range with the highest possible quality.


About WEECO Aps.
WEECO Aps, based in Aalborg, Denmark, is a sister company of WEECO Pharma GmbH. The company was founded in 2020 with the aim of developing highly potent genetics for the international medical cannabis market together with American growers. Frosted Lemon Angel is the first of several WEECO strains to be launched in the next few months.


Press contact Aurora:
Anke Illigen | Corporate Communications Germany
Aurora Germany GmbH | Wilmersdorfer Straße 98/99 | 10629 Berlin
M +49 (0) 17618000 423 | T +49 (0)30 9832 1601 0 |


Press contact WEECO Pharma GmbH / WEECO Aps.:
Börge Diessel | Managing Director
WEECO Pharma GmbH | Bismarckplatz 10-11, 31135 Hildesheim, Germany
T +49 (0)5121 2044 080 |

Finally possible again - conversations and personal exchange

From 19-20 June 2022, one of the world’s largest B2B cannabis conferences, the annual ICBC, took place in Berlin. Participants from over 80 countries used the event to refresh customer contacts and maintain the existing network in personal conversations. Together with WEECO Genetics, WEECO Pharma presented current breeds and new cooperation partners on a joint booth of around 150 sqm.

News from WEECO

The colleagues from Cannasouth in New Zealand, who recently signed a three-year supply agreement with WEECO Pharma, generated great interest. At the ICBC, WEECO Genetics announced a cooperation with Soma’s Sacred Seeds from the Netherlands. Soma has been a pioneer in cannabis breeding since the early 1970s, and numerous Cannabis Cup awards are impressive proof of the excellent quality of Soma’s breeding varieties. Furthermore, WEECO Genetics showed the new portfolio of IP-free cannabis strains from California for the legal cannabis market.

World premiere of WEECO and CANNASTORE

A special highlight of ICBC 2022 was the premiere of CANNASTORE, the first fully automated dispensing machine for cannabis products. For the first time, the system was exclusively demonstrated to trade visitors at the CANNASTORE stand. A team of WEECO experts developed the system together with the industry leader for dispensing machines within only two years. It can process up to 500 orders per hour and holds up to 40,000 units. First impressions of the CANNASTORE at ICBC 2022 can be found here.

WEECO CEO Tim Feike was a panel guest on the topic of "Cannabis Legalization on the Horizon in Germany".

There is probably no other topic that moves the industry as much as the upcoming cannabis legalisation process in Germany. The first round of expert hearings has been completed, so what happens next? WEECO CEO Tim Feike was a guest on the panel discussion at this year’s ICBC 2022 in Berlin. A recording of the panel discussion on the topic of “Cannabis Legalization on the Horizon in Germany” can be found here.

To all our customers, business and cooperation partners: Thank you for visiting us at this year’s ICBC 2022 in Berlin. See you soon at the next ICBC.

Your WEECO Team