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“WEECO Pharma GmbH has set itself the goal of becoming one of the leading importers of medical cannabis in Germany.

In the process, the highest priority will be given to guaranteeing the quality of the medical products in accordance with German and international laws, ordinances and guidelines. This begins with the planting and cultivation of the plants and applies equally to the processing, storage and transport of the products.”

Fritz Feike

CEO Weeco GmbH

Nature provides us with a huge number of medicinal plants. However, knowledge about their effects and applications has often been forgotten.

WEECO has set itself the task of reviving lost knowledge about the healing power of medicinal plants and helping to establish a reliable supply structure. In cooperation with our partners, we want to develop products that could enable clear advances to be made in the treatment of various different illnesses and thus offer patients a better quality of life.

We already comply today with all of the highest quality standards in the world: WEECO GmbH is GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certified and our partners are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

WEECO Locations


Hildesheim, Lower Saxony


Aalborg, North Jutland Region


Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia


EU GMP: European guidelines for the manufacture of medicinal products 

Following a change in the law, doctors have also been able to prescribe medical cannabis in Germany since March 2017. Alongside the general regulations according to pharmaceutical law, the prescribed products also have to comply, however, with the regulations in the German Narcotics Act and the EU GMP and EU GDP guidelines (European quality guidelines for good manufacturing and distribution practice).

In cooperation with the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices), WEECO Pharmaceuticals thus checks all manufacturers and suppliers for their conformity with the legal regulations and the required quality standards. All WEECO partners must comply with the highest pharmaceutical quality standards in the world – the GMP guidelines. 

EU GDP: European guidelines for the distribution of medicinal products

GDP (Good Distribution Practices) are EU guidelines that define quality standards for the purchasing, storage, transport and distribution of medicines.

WEECO GmbH is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers certified in accordance with the EU GDP. Using a modern quality management system, all processes in the supply chain from the manufacturing process through to delivery to pharmacies are strictly monitored and documented.

Regulations and guidelines

WEECO GmbH is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler in accordance with Section 52a AMG (German Medicines Act) and also has a “licence for the trade in narcotic drugs” in accordance with Section 3 BtMG (German Narcotic Drugs Act).

You will find an overview of the applicable laws, ordinances and quality guidelines that guarantee the safety of medicines here:

GACP – Richtlinie: Good Agricultural And Collection Practice

GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) are guidelines that are designed to guarantee a high level of quality in the cultivation of plant-based raw materials through to the manufacturing of herbal medicines and substances. 

In particular, the guidelines cover the breeding, cultivating, harvesting and initial processing stages.


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