June 2024

FLOiD – the most sophisticated dispensary technology ever made

Meet FLOiD – the most sophisticated dispensary technology ever made

Say hello to FLOiD – the first automated dispensing system purposely designed for the cannabis industry. Equipped with highly sophisticated robot technology, FLOiD manages your complete inventory while securely storing and dispensing all available stock automatically.

To ensure maximum reliability, FLOiD’s basic design is built on time-tested technology that’s already in use in thousands of German pharmacies – reengineered and optimized to meet the special requirements of cannabis dispensaries.

Simply the best pick: FLOiD is purpose-built for cannabis dispensaries

FLOiD gives you full control of your inventory, improving the overall efficiency of your dispensary significantly: with FLOiD’s reliable high-speed dispensing process, you’ll need approx. 30% less time to pick orders – tending to your customers was never easier.

Depending on your configuration, it takes FLOiD only six to twelve seconds to automatically fetch goods from the shelving system and to transport them to the dispensary area. At full capacity, FLOiD takes care of ordering and providing up to 500 products per hour. The inventory size is freely scalable according to your requirements, allowing for a maximum quantity of up to 40,000 packaging units.

FLOiD simply blends in – and fits your premises tailor-made

Thanks to its compact and adaptable design, FLOiD perfectly fits almost any spatial conditions, while saving approx. 15-20% of your total operational area. It can be operated invisibly in the background or even serve as an autonomous dispensary for 24/7 self-service access. And with its useful extensions, it gives you even more options to maximize efficiency – just add the automated feeder module or our patented shelf cleaning system.

But whatever configuration you choose, FLOiD not only brings your dispensary up to speed – it’ll also fit seamlessly into the branding style of your business, offering countless options for color and design to become an integral part of your dispensary’s success story.

Check the specs: FLOiD’s technical data at a glance


Up to 40,000 packages

Possible locations

First floor
Second floor

Dispensing time

Ø 6 – 12 sec/package

Compatible packages

Input via trays

Average footprint

Width: 5,74 feet
Length: 14,40 feet – 40,65 feet
Height: 6,56 feet – 11,80 feet

Energy consumption

Approx. 340 – 460 watts in operation Less than 70 watts in stand-by

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